Weather UK mapped: This is predicted to the wettest day in Britain this summer

Weather in the UK means Britons rarely know what’s coming next, which can be tricky if you’ve got a staycation booked.

The weather has been hot and sunny recently, but often, what follows a period of heatwaves is a series of thunderstorms that signal a break in the atmospheric pressure.

Wood burning stoves and flue expert company Glowing Embers has collated 30 years worth of data to discover when the UK can expect the rainiest days so you can plan ahead for your UK break. 

A map has revealed the wettest days of summer 2018.

Researchers found that overall the UK can expect its wettest day on 5 August, with an average rainfall of 2.1 inches.

When broken down across the country, the regions that can expect to have their wettest day first are the East of England and the East Midlands, both on the 30 July. 

The East of England can expect 1.7 inches of rain, whilst East Midlanders can expect 1.8 inches.

Scotland is set to be hit with the most rainfall on their wettest day of summer 2018, with a very soggy 3.1 inches of rain on 10 August. 

Just behind them is Northern Ireland, also on the 10 August (2.5 inches) and Wales on 9 August (2.4 inches).

It’s not great news for the Republic of Ireland either – they may have been doing quite well recently in the sunshine stakes but on the 6 August, there will be a rainfall of 2.2 inches.

“Well it wouldn’t be a good old-fashioned British summer without a bit of rain here and there!” said Richard Fewings from Glowing Embers. “At least if you’re forewarned, you’ll know what days not to fire up the barbie!”

The research was based on 30 years of data from all UK regions from Weather Spark, and analysed by Glowing Embers.

New research recently revealed which European cities offer the most sun for your money.

Researchers looked at the average price of flights for a family of four, the cheapest available price of a three-star hotel and the average daily hours of sun over the past 30 year period. 

The (literal) hotspots offering the best value for money during the summer months were Istanbul, Turkey and the island of Crete, Greece.

Istanbul costs £11 for an hour of sunshine in June and £14 an hour in August while Crete costs £12 an hour in July.

Istanbul is also one of the cheapest spots for sun in December. Sun costs £17 an hour in the Turkish city as well as in Rome, Santorini and Rhodes.

Crete is another value-for-money location when it comes to hours of sunshine earlier in the year, too. It costs just £7 in May – the cheapest hour of sun of all 25 countries.

If you’re looking for winter sun from November to January then Rhodes is the best bet. It costs just £11 an hour in January.

The most expensive hour of sun can be found in St.Petersburg, Russia in December, costing you a staggering £282.

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