WATCH: Jeremy Hunt WALKS OFF as he refuses to answer key Brexit trade question

The Foreign Minister, who was recently appointed to replace Boris Johnson following his resignation over Theresa May’s Chequers plan, appeared to walk away from discussions over the future trading arrangements between the UK and .

Mr Hunt was asked by journalist Evanna Holland how “realistic” a trade deal between Australia and the UK would be post-Brexit. 

But the Conservative frontbencher refused to answer the question and as he apologised to the reporter he walked out of the conference room in Edinburgh.

The Foreign Secretary met his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop to discuss post-Brexit trade arrangements.

During the joint press conference in Edinburgh, Ms Bishop said: “Both governments stand ready to agree to a free trade agreement as soon as circumstances allow.

“The United Kingdom will find post-Brexit that Australia will be one of your strongest, most trusted, principled and pragmatic partners.”

Speaking in London earlier this week, the Australian Foreign Minister said she had been disappointed that Britain had not taken a more “robust approach” to the Brexit negotiations.

She added an Australia-UK free trade deal was ready to be signed “as soon as circumstances allow”.

The Foreign Minister praised Britain as a trusted ally, citing a recent poll in her country, where 90 percent of Australias ranked the UK as “the most trustworthy country” in the world.

However, in a swipe to certain British politicians, Ms Bishop said she “looked forward to a time when the UK feels free to make statements beyond those issued by the European Union”.

She told the audience at Chatham House: “I look forward to a time when the United Kingdom feels free to make statements beyond those issued by the European Union, about issues that I know are dear to the heart of Britons.

“There have been instances when I had hoped for a more robust response from the United Kingdom, but you rightly felt constrained by the conflicting interests of the European Union membership.”

On Friday, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox announced he will consult the British public about the possibility of joining a Pacific trade group that includes Canada, Australia and Mexico after the UK has left the European Union next year.

Mr Fox said: “The Government is determined not only to seek deals with key bilateral partners but to break new ground: putting the UK at the heart of the world’s fastest-growing regions.

“That is why I am also announcing a consultation on potentially seeking accession to CPTPP – the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

The CPTPP is the replacement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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