Passengers warned NOT take food onboard for this reason – despite expensive inflight meals

Passengers who fly economy are often faced with expensive food options when onboard.

Planes that don’t offer complimentary meals will instead have overpriced snacks onboard instead.

Travellers wanting to save money choose to take their own food onto the plane for the family.

As long as it is solid or is under 100ml if it is liquid, then it is allowed into hand luggage.

New rules could mean that this is no longer the case and may not be allowed onboard at all.

The Department for Transport is offering new guidelines that advise against taking food onboard.

It states: “Food or powders should be packed into hold baggage where possible”.

This is because of the way in which it can be seen when going through scanners at security.

They reiterate that it can “obstruct images on the x-ray machine or may be mistaken for suspicious items”.

While passengers won’t be prohibited from travelling, it could slow down their checking in process.

What food are you currently allowed to take onboard when flying?

The website states that liquid or semi-liquid food is not allowed, which can include soup, honey and jams.

One popular mistake travellers make is with Marmite; this is not allowed into the cabin as it breaks the liquid rule.

When it comes to snacks and sandwiches, they are allowed to be taken onto the plane to eat during the journey.

Anyone wanting to avoid the hassle can instead buy food at many of the food outlets after security and when waiting for their airline gate.

According to British Airways, 28 per cent of people wait until they get onto the plane to get their food which often comes at a price.

UK airlines issue guidance for travellers wanting to know if they can bring their own food with them.

Low-cost airline Ryanair states: “You are welcome to bring your own food onboard, however, in the interest of safety, hot drinks can’t be carried onboard.”

Norwegian also state this is allowed: “Yes, you can bring your own food and beverage onboard.”

EasyJet’s statement confirms the same: “EasyJet allows similar food items: “All passengers are allowed to bring food onboard with them in their hand luggage.

“Drinks may be brought onboard but they must be bought after the security gate.”

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