Google Maps Street View: Young boy suffers embarrassing fate trying to outrun car

Google Maps Street View has shamed many people online who are caught in awkward scenarios.

The Google car often captures passersby falling over or falling off something as it drives past.

One young boy attempted to outrun the car in Cleveland, Ohio in the US.

He quickly raced off on his bike as the car followed him down the road, mapping the street.

The boy suffered from a rather red-faced incident soon after.

Clad in a red baseball cap, white top and black shorts, he attempted to turn into a driveway.

In the next image, he appeared to have fallen off the bike in a very weird position.

His front leg was in front of him while his back leg was behind him.

It didn’t look very comfy although his upper body was still in the air.

Another picture showed him with his legs in the air, flat on his back in the fall.

The boy was likely to have a few bruises from the incident.

His bike didn’t fare much better with the wheels looking slightly bent.

Taken in 2007, the boy has gained internet fame thanks to falling over on his driveway.

It isn’t the first time someone has been caught falling from their bike.

A cyclist in Russia was spotted hitting the curb while on an empty road.

He was flung onto the grass on the side of the road and seemed to escape injury.

A young woman was also thrown from her bike, thanks to her pets.

She was cycling with two dogs tied to the handlebars when they lurched forward.

This action resulted in her being pulled to the ground in a painful crash.

The woman was later spotted sitting on the curb next to her dogs, having seen the Google car.

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