Black Ops 4 COUNTDOWN: Call of Duty trailer, PS4 and Xbox One reveal, Nintendo Switch news

Black Ops 4 will soon get revealed to the world for the first time on Thursday May 17 in California.

Activision are holding a major Call of Duty event in Los Angeles where will get announced.

The Black Ops 4 reveal will showcase gameplay footage from the next Call of Duty game as well as behind the scenes information.

The Black Ops 4 event will be live streamed so people across the world can watch the event online as it happens.

It will be shown on the official Call of Duty website as well as on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 event kicks off at 10am PDT on Thursday May 2018.

Here is the start times for different times zones:

• 6pm BST

• 1pm ET

• 7pm CET

• 3am on Friday in Sydney

• 2am on Friday in Japan

• 1am on Friday in China

Currently there are plenty of rumours about Black Ops 4, but very few certainties – which the Call of Duty event in LA will clear up.

We know for certain that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will have a worldwide release date on October 12 on PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

And we also know that it will have a Zombies mode, thanks to a recent tweet from the official E3 Twitter account.

The revealing tweet said: “What’s lurking around the corner of Treyarch’s next Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies experience?

“Come hear the history of Call of Duty Zombies from the creators themselves at E3Coliseum!”

However, what is unclear is when the game will be set and what shape or form it will take.

Twitter user Marcus Sellars said before Call of Duty 2018 was announced that COD 2018 would be Black Ops 4.

He also claimed that Black Ops 4 would be set in modern times and also said a Nintendo Switch version was in the works.

Sellars added that the Nintendo Switch version would feature motion control support with the console’s Joy-Con controllers.

While a Switch version has not been announced, in the past few days it emerged one GameStop branch was taking Black Ops 4 pre-orders for Nintendo’s console.

So the rumours of a Switch version aren’t going away as the official unveiling draws near.

However, COD news website Charlie Intel have dealt Nintendo fans a blow and said a Switch version is not in the works.

Responding to a tweet about the GameStop Switch pre-orders for Black Ops 4, they said: “Trust us, it’s not happening.

“Thats probably made by an uninformed Gamestop Employee. We wish it was happening but it’s not.”

It’s also been rumoured that Black Ops 4 will not include the typical Call of Duty single player campaign.

Instead, it has been claimed, is that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will essentially be a multiplayer game only.

The reports, from Kotaku, added that Black Ops 4 would have a Fortnite and PUBG-style Battle Royale mode.

A source also told Polygon that Blacks Ops 4 will expand the game’s multiplayer and Zombies mode to try to make up for the lack of single player content.

Their source said the next COD will have an emphasis on co-op as a potential stand-in for the series typical single-player campaign experience.

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